Video from Avila’s


Mexican restaurants in Dallas isn’t quite good, include the service. What happen? I don’t know. I wish I could check and try some meal before host. It would taught me the value lesson in future for Deaf Taste Social.

Our review for Avila’s Restaurant

Sam: 3
Jacob: 4.5
William: 4
Jimbo: 3
Edward: 3.5
Paul: 4
Stephanie: 4
Chanelle: 3
Jenn (request for not being in video): 3
Average: 3.2


It would be first time I decide to try something different. It’s challenge to find the location that has brunch. I’m looking forward on how guests would like to enjoy the brunch on beautiful morning! Don’t forget the reservation!

From last month on April at Jamaican restaurants, I find it little overwhelm because there are over the amount of limited with unexpected guests show up. I realize I find myself fault on several thing I may not let them know about it.

• Email is not receive during SPAM issues depend on their inbox
• Limited seats with guests would need to be confirm than rather last minutes
• Need to make sure I show up early to prepare the table
• If guest wish to not be on video for review, please let the host know about it