What is Deaf Taste Social?

Deaf Taste Social is when we have meal together, socialize, share the experiences on food and drink from the local restaurants.

Deaf, Hard of Hearing, CI user, CODA, Family of Deaf, Interpreter, ASL instructor are very welcome to join us!

Why is there limited availability of guests?

Deaf Taste Social will make the reservations based on the number of guests that are expected to participate at the next hosted location.

Can I participate in the Deaf Taste Social without purchasing any food and drink at the location?

No, you will be required to purchase your meal. Deaf Taste Social believe in providing equal support for its own members and the local restaurants.

I am NOT fluent in American Sign Language. Can I join with you?

Deaf Taste Social requires that all of its members use ASL. Please understand and respect Deaf individual’s needs to communicate and enjoy other’s limited company by having to accommodate new ASL learners or non signers.

How often will Deaf Taste Social host an event?

Deaf Taste Social will hold an event once a month at selected local restaurants in the metro area of Dallas & Fort Worth. Deaf Taste Social encourages its members to recommend locations for the future events.

May I bring a guest?

Deaf Taste Social allows its member to bring one guest per member. The member will be required to be fluent in American Sign Language. Please DO NOT bring children.

How do I create a reservation for my participation at one of Deaf Taste Social events?

Click here to make a reserve. Due to limited availability of seating, it is encouraged for you to create a reservation as soon as possible